Sunday, September 6, 2009


in da morning..
if im nope mstaken around 11 am..
i wanna took papa's or mama's hp..
but unfortunately..
they hold it..
i wanna make a call..
i juz used telepon umah lorh nk kol rip..
juz a minute okeyh..
xlame pon..
baby kt mne uh??
times square la..
owhhhh shopink ye..
eyh xde la..
tmn en fwen jew..
okeyh, juz take care keyh..
xmao noty2..
and pesan kt opai,adiey,n iqbal..
syg bgi GREENLIGHT if u noty ouh!
example: sekeh,cepuk,sepak,terajang and many else..
he said: aduh! kejamnye..
bby promise xnoty pon..
dnt wory la.. u dear!
anyway,i know u will nope do it..
the end ;))

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